rafb.net/paste has been discontinued - May 25, 2009

Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. I have run this site for almost seven years as a service to the community, but I can no longer devote the time necessary to keep it running reliably, and especially to combat the recent increase in attempts to use this site for purposes other than sharing snippets of code (spam, ddos attacks, porn url exchange, copyright infringement, etc).
Therefore, I have decided to shut the site down.
If you need somewhere to paste your code, there are plenty of other pastebins out there: the Wikipedia article on pastebins has a list of some more well-known pastebins.

but the code is still available

I have converted the code into an open source project, under BSD license: rafb-nopaste project on Google Code.
Best regards,
Jacob D. Cohen (known in the IRC world as Stingray_)
If you have questions or comments, I can still be reached by sending an e-mail to my last name, a dot, and my first name at gmail.com.